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JWGroup has identified a limited number of areas as target areas for acquisition using thousands of data points and the founder’s real estate experience and education.

Each offer to purchase is thoroughly vetted to ensure the seller gets a fair price and the company earns enough revenue to cover its costs; including the time value of money to realize the value we see in the property. Often this requires a longer wait than the sellers are willing or able to commit to - we allow the seller to realize a quick sale at a fair price. The risk of rehab, market fluctuations and added cost rest with us.

We subcontract with local contractors who are licensed and insured in the market to develop, build and/or renovate each investment project. Investment projects are managed regularly to ensure quality standards are adhered to and schedules are on target.

JWGroup was founded and is led by James William Gotimer who has been studying various real estate markets while developing a proprietary formula using public and private data sets. James has developed a data-based approach that departs from the typical real estate appraisal restrictions. Often when others say “No” - James sees long-term value and allows sellers to sell quickly with little or no hassle.

Unlike others who do this as a hobby or in addition to another career, James does nothing other than real estate investing - allowing sellers to avoid the burden of fixing, showing, or negotiating with one-time home buyers.

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